Below are a few of Dean Carnegie’s pieces of artwork devoted to magic. The styles vary from abstract caricature to more impressionistic. The Cardini in the 4th row has appeared on the cover of three different magazines. The DANTE (second row) has been on the cover of two magazines and appeared inside another. The David Devant & Harry Blackstone Sr. both are featured in the book The Art of Deception. To date eleven of my paintings have appeared in print. There are two new MAGIC paintings in the NEWART folder that you might be interested in checking out.

To date, the most popular painting has been the Cardini and the Dante which are both on the second row.

Many of the paintings below are for sale. These are originals, not copies, not prints. There are no plans to have prints made at the present time. If you want to purchase a painting, contact Dean at

Shipping is not included in price.

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Paintings of Magicians

February 21, 2012